Renault Genuine Parts

Quality Guaranteed
Quality guaranteed
The quality of materials guarantees the durability and longevity of Original Renault Parts. Tests are performed on each part to ensure that it meets Renault’s high standard in geometry, elasticity limits, breaking strains and resistance to knocks and temperature effects.
Utmost Safety
Safety guaranteed
Renault uses all its know-how to improve the safety of its vehicles. Thousands of tests are undertaken to give its parts better performance, durability and flexibility. We have for example increased the surface area of the windscreen and enhanced the headlight range to improve visibility.
Environmentally Friendly
Environmental friendly
Over 90% of Renault parts can be recycled thanks to a more systematic use of recyclable materials. Ongoing extensive research to reduce  emissions and noise pollution promises cleaner vehicles as we move towards electrification.
Innovative forefront technology
Innovative technology
Renault registers about 700 patents yearly, demonstrating its desire for innovation that enhances the overall safety of the vehicle. The manufacturing process is thorough with quality checks performed consistently.
Unique Design
Unique design
Renault parts are designed with safety in mind without compromising signature aesthetic features. Together with a committed Aftersales team attending to your vehicle's maintenance, you drive away with added assurance.