Renault Fleet Solutions

Your perfect business companion.
Keep your business moving

Renault Fleet Solutions offer a comprehensive range of vehicles and vans that deliver versatility, efficiency, ergonomics and safety to meet your business needs.

Enjoy preferential pricing on new vehicles and customisable options when you choose from our fleet of commercial or electric vehicles.
- Dedicated access to a Renault Fleet Solutions Specialist
- Competitive and flexible financial services available
- Warranty coverage for a complete peace of mind 
- Corporate discounts on fleet maintenance packages

For more than a century, Renault has been developing, manufacturing and selling Light Commercial Vehicles to meet the needs of demanding business customers around the world. Similarly in Singapore, Renault is one of the most popular continental choices amongst large corporations together with Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). One of our best-seller, the KANGOO Z.E. is Singapore’s very first 100% electric commercial van, making it the market leader and the ideal partner for a zero emissions workforce.

Enjoy lower operating costs and greater efficiency with Renault.