Engineered with the new Z.E. 40 battery, the New Renault ZOE delivers a class-leading mileage of 367km* on a single charge. Speedy charging capabilities complement this remarkable driving range, as the on-board three-phase 22kW CaméléonTM smart charger allows for a full battery charged in just less than 3 hours. What's more, enjoy greater savings with a low cost at approximately $10.59 per full charge#.

Get ready for an electrifying experience as you enjoy instantaneous torque of 225Nm with 68kW of maximum output, as well as smooth acceleration with no gear shifts in the New Renault ZOE.

In addition, the regenerative braking system harnesses the kinetic energy generated from braking, and charges the battery the moment the acceleration pedal is released.

Engineered with forefront electrical technology expertise as proven by its championship performance in Formula E for three consecutive seasons, experience the revolution of electric mobility in your everyday journeys with the New Renault ZOE.

Specifications may vary from overseas visuals shown.
*367km range as measured based on New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) & specifications. #Based on $0.2582/kWh electric tariff from 1 Oct - 31 Dec 2018.